Transportation Slide

A hot topic at our 2013 community meetings, transportation was discussed at nearly all 21 meeting locations. Vast differences desired in transportation needs varied in each segment of our community. This network team works towards creating and implementing transportation initiatives within existing organizations.

 Transportation 7.8.16

Discussing: Susan Duffy, Jim Daniel, Eric Johnson, Bill Fiander, Karen Hiller, Taylor Ricketts, Shanae' Elem, Matt Pivarnik

The 2040 plan was discussed. There is a need to align this plan with others including, bike, pedestrian, tranist, etc. 

Most of the discussion centered on MTAA and their attraction of a commercial airline. The biggest two needs are better transportation options getting passengers from airport and soliciting businesses to sign contracts agreeing to use the airline. There was discussion on a need to clean the area of the Topeka Blvd corridor.  

We scheduled a meeting for the Futures 2040 Plan with JUMP.